Elizabeth Elliott
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October RainELIZABETH MYLES ELLIOTT expresses her passion for her subject through a unique form of printmaking. "My ultimate goal, if not obsession, is to share my interpretation and appreciation of my environment through my art", she said. She nurtured an early talent for sketching and drawing and parlayed it into vibrantly colourful works on paper. Elliott has travelled extensivey throughout North America, Europe and South America immersing herself in powerful images that translate into evocative and vivid depictions of the human form and landscape.

Elliott’s prints combine vision with a granularity rarely associated with the medium. Her work has been reviewed and described as quintessentially Canadian.

"Elizabeth Myles Elliott's art is imbued with the spirit of both Canadian and French modernism. Her subjects reflect the vivid Canadian seasons recalling not only the work of The Group of Seven, but also the brilliant use of colour and decorative design and art of such masters as Pierre Bonnard and Henri Matisse".

Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov, Professor Emerita, History of Art, University of Toronto

To view Elizabeth's work, please phone for an appointment at 416 354-2447, or email ELIZABETH ELLIOTT
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